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User Agreement

River City Services Roll Off Box Rental Agreement

The following is a rental agreement that explains what River City Services charges for your roll-off container.

By law we have to charge different tax rates for the various types of trash you might dispose of in a roll-off container.  The following is a description of the waste types.

*Construction and Demolition Debris (C & D): Building material and debris related to the remodeling, construction or demolition of a building or structure including: lumber, sheetrock, carpet, windows and doors, concrete, scrap iron and painting supplies (dry material only).

*Mixed Municipal Solid Waste (MMSW): Includes food and beverage containers, toys, clothes, magazines and paper, bikes and any other general household trash.

Minnesota State Law requires roll off containers containing any amount of MMSW to be treated as a MMSW container and the appropriate taxes applied.  This means if you order a C & D roll off container, fill it mostly with C & D debris, and then throw in a bag of old clothes, beverage cans and bottles or old magazines, the container is now considered MMSW and you will be charged more money (over $100.00) because of the higher tax rates for MMSW.  Minnesota State Law also forbids yard waste mixed with trash for disposal.

Taxes: Mandated by the State of Minnesota and Washington County

C & D:  $0.60 per cubic yard, State of Minnesota

MMSW: Residential  9.75%, State of Minnesota and 35%, Washington County = 44.75% of container price.

Commercial  17% State of Minnesota and 35% Washington County = 52% of container price.

Base Price Rental Fee including applicable taxes:

Example: 10 cubic yard container    Total Price

C & D     $350.00

MMSW (Residential)   $520.00


Additional Charges: The rental price guarantees the container will be on site for seven days.  If you need the container for a longer period of time, a $25.00 per day fee will apply unless a prior arrangement is made.  We accept the following items for recycling and are subject to extra charges in addition to the cost of the roll-off container.  Tires, appliances, lead acid batteries, mattresses/box springs, railroad ties, treated lumber, electronics, lawn mowers, and snow blowers.  If you want to dispose of these items please let us know in advance.  There will be a $100.00 fee for all returned items.

Unacceptable Materials: Any hazardous materials including but not limited to asbestos containing materials, paints, liquids of any nature, solvents, septic tank pumpings, sludges, dead animals, and yard waste.  You will be fined based on the quantity, origin and level of contamination of unacceptable materials.

Yard Waste: We do not accept yard waste (grass clippings, leaves, brush etc) and cannot be mixed with C & D or MMSW debris.

Loading Containers: Additional charges apply if loaded over top of container.  Do not load more than 7 tons (14,000 pounds) of debris.  You could be subject to an overweight fine ($50 to $5000).  If you load the container with a skid-steer or other equipment, or attempt to move the container, you will be charged for any damage to the container.  Do not allow children to play on, in or around the container.


Waste Disclosure: All MMSW is delivered to: Resource Recovery Technologies, Newport, MN.

All C & D is delivered to SKB Environmental, Inver Grove Heights, MN or Dem-Con Landfill, Shakopee, MN.


*River City Services retains the right to unload (dump) the contents of the roll-off unit at customer location for non-payment, misuse or abuse of the container, one or more violations to the of the terms of this agreement as outlined in the above text.


I have read and understood the above terms and conditions and agree to comply and pay in full all related fees.  I agree to hold River City Services harmless for any accidental or personal injury due to circumstances beyond the control of River City Services.



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